Love Is Free($1,000,000) Print 22 x 30 Deluxe

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This piece started out as a “solo”, like a guitar solo,
Then during a conversation with Mr. Fairey about how art sometimes put too much emphasis on price
Instead of value,
he said something that really stuck with me,
something about “I like art that costs 50 cents to make but is worth millions”.
So I went back to the Treasury, a nickname for my HQ where I compose.
I jumped back on this piece and took it another direction, with inspiration from our modern currency, specifically the $100 blue notes.
I was captivated with how a piece of paper with certain insignias can be worth this or that.
I referenced the pillars of Hercules (on the right side of the face) where we get our “$”.
I took some more inspiration from the US Treasury
and built on how these stamps ignite value in our minds. During the design process I was listening to a-lot of Otis so the idea of legal tender was already there, but what's more valuable than Love? While love may be the most valuable thing, and though Mr. Reddings song seemed to encourage trying more tenderness (love), it seems like we’re at a point in society where we’ve tried that without much results.
This piece is an illustration of value vs. price.
Ultimately, the ideas that make this piece cannot be priced, but the product, the fruits
of these ideas starting with my conversation with friends and loved ones, brings to life
things that can be used as currency.
22 x 30 Silkscreen print on Rives BFK cotton paper.
Signed by Young. Numbered edition of 10.
First come First Serve.