Mes Amis

Mes Amis

     Mes Amis is dedicated to everyone effected by DACA. These Americans are not "illegal aliens", they're our friends and family, they are Americans.

     One of the most significant features of American society is that it's a country formed completely by immigrants. Unlike most countries who lay ancestral claim to their land, the United States is a concept created by ambitious immigrants over 200 years ago. Since the time of it's conception the US has become a beacon in the world for what's possible if people from various background can Unite in their pursuit of freedom and happiness. While we've made great headway over the years, today all the progress made is being challenged.

     One of the most common sense and successful immigration programs to be enacted is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA For short). This program is common sense because it pertains to immigrants who were brought here as a child. Basically if you were brought here as a child, are not a criminal and have been contributing to the American Society we're going to put a temporary hold on going after you and deporting you. DACA also made it possible for these undocumented Americans to come out of the shadows, attain Identification cards, go to school, get jobs and legally participate in a the only society and country they've known. But this didn't come without requirements or costs.

     The requirements to be eligible for DACA isn't a walk in the park. First you have to be under 31 years old since last June 15th 2012; Came to the United States before turning 16. You must have continuously lived in the United States since June 15th, 2007. You have to be enrolled in school and/or graduated, or a veteran. You cannot have any significant misdemeanors or three or more misdemeanors or a pose a threat to the public. You have to pay the government $495 and in two years repeat. Collectively these Americans pay $439,962,930 dollars to the American government, just so they can stay and make us more money.

     While much is required for these Americans to be recognised in society, they receive much less from their society. DACA recipients must pay federal taxes but they can't vote. Even though they pay into the social security system they're not allowed to receive any benefits from it. They can't receive financial aid from school nor can they receive food stamps. This population of Immigrant Americans contribute 1.2 Billion in federal, state and local taxes every year. Furthermore, 95% of DACA recipients are currently working or in School. 

     The immigrant society is at the heart of what has made this country great. From space exploration to google to the iPhone you may be using, the American experiment has benefited tremendously from immigrant contribution. So today as we consider the the contributions made so far by DACA recipients, before one can even make the human argument of not splitting families one must recognise the immense benefits this program has brought to our great country. Today the current President has put a 6 month death bomb to DACA with no legislation to protect this group of American Immigrants. These people have done so much to contribute to the beauty that is America that it's up to everyone that considers themselves American to stand with them and push for a legislative solution that protects them. To send them out of the only country they've known and contributed to is not a solution an we should not stand for it. We should stand for every DACA recipient to be legally incorporated into American society because that's the most American thing we can do.


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